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Discussion in 'CPA' started by psaykham, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Hi guys!

    First of all, how are you doing?
    I need some advice about the strategy I've been trying to implement for a few weeks now.
    Basically, what I'm doing is PPD.

    People come to my site to get something. They download an archive containing the file, which is password protected.
    In order to get the password, they have to follow a link, which leads to Fileice, where they can fill out an offer.

    My problem is, my conversion rate is very low. I get around 150 - 170 visitors per day. Around 40 visitors decide to get the password and go to the Fileice website, and only 1 or 2 finally decide to complete an offer. I feel like I am doing something wrong.

    I have some questions for you guys.

    1. Is my strategy good? If I put the Fileice gateway instead, would it be more efficient?
    2. Is there any tips on how to increase the conversion rate?

    Finally, if you guys have any advice on PPD, you are welcome. :)

    Thanks a lot guys.

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    I think you should try using the widgets. If you get a nice skin, It could improve CR a lot. If you have a specific niche you need a widget template for, message me.

    Also, improving CR also depends on how HQ the website is, how believable it is etc
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    Make a website to link to all your files, and fill it up with fake comments saying how awesome each file is.
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