File Sharing without copyright worries the cheap way

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    *This post is a collection of my random posts combined together to create more like a how to, mods plz remove this post if there is any guideline violation*

    I am going to tell u a trick, people have paid me to do it, so today I am gonna flaunt my giving side!

    Get a host in russia, indonesia or malaysia. For very small traffic, hard disk, etc. Don't go and pay for large options, because they r freaking expensive!

    Then get a godaddy shared hosting account & get an additional IP* .

    So host the main site on the cheap russian Bullet Proof don't care website & include the mp3 or other files from your godaddy IP.

    &&& always be smart with how u put data in ur godaddy account. Rename the file to something systematic. e.g. Don't name your file After a song's name.

    Keep it something like
    without any extensions.

    Godaddy will never know that these are actually mp3 files unless someone purposely tells them!

    In your php or asp files. Never give a straight link to that ip/file . Get the content of that file, make a temp file & use header feature to allow download. There will be some lil tricky php stuff but it will get pretty easy once when u get the hang of it!

    In fact you will be doing something like the megaupload or rapidshare script where the original location of file is never revealed!

    Something similar can be done in apache code but it is not really useful from security point of view. It has to be php oriented! u have to fetch a file , make a temp file out of it, then deliver it using header commands from php. Why? thay way u will never have the shared files on ur website. U can tell the webhost to go f*** itself.

    Even smarter people will show that users(fake) have uploaded the content and its not u. In case of a complaint just take that particular file & user down.

    Why does the f***** youtube not get taken down for a gazillion violations? ever wonder why? bcoz its the users not the youtube site owners!

    In fact it is only recently that youtube has been working with media leaders to crack down on copyright violations. Pirated content had a BIG HAND rather the BIGGEST HAND in youtube's success!


    *Few people suggest an info domain, an info domain can lead to suspicion since it will be pulling a lot of bandwidth with no major front end, whereas ips are universally accepted as websites with no front ends, a lot of large web portals use ips to deliver cached data.

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