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    I am 17 and I am trying to help my uncle in promoting his offline business now by creating a website and doing SEO for that site. Now I am quite new to SEO and the only thign which has worked for me the best is buying paid posts on related sites

    SO what I do is find relevant websites using scrapebox and email all webmasters in the niche asking for a paid post and a contextual link and so far its been working wonders. My only problem is success rate in getting replies.

    I have noticed if I email to suppose 100 webmasters, only 25-30 reply back. I actually ask for the quote since budget is not a prob, still they dont reply.

    Can u please suggest me a good email copy which can create a good impression and the webmasters find my offer tempting and my success rate improves?


    I am (name) from (websitename). We liked your blog very much and we want to advertise on your website. We are looking for paid posts on your website where we want 1-2 ******** links.

    So if you could quote your price for the same, we can make a deal.

    Thanking you
    my name

    I dont have much experience in marketing so help me guys

    now help a newbie please :rolleyes: seniors ?
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    First of all, have you done directory submissions for the site? It is easy to do that and it DOES help a bit. Remember that every link helps.

    As for the e-mail copy, i do not have experience in this at all. But what i can tell you is that you do not have to just stick to buying links in related sites. You can buy a link in a related post of an unrelated web site. Just make sure that it does not look like a paid link.

    Getting too little success after spending so much time e-mailing can be frustrating. Make sure you do not wear yourself down. And stick with whitehat. Since you say the site is for offline business, there is a lot of potential to build links to it over time. Employing blackhat will not a sensible thing in the long term.