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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Jarod B, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Mar 14, 2011
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    First thing I want to say is: before you even tell me wait a few days, I've done that, and it's been a week so far. The problem is that my site has yet to at least show up in the top 100 ranking for a keyword that I know as a FACT is easy to rank.

    But how I know this?

    Well, recently, I tried commenting on disqus blogs, and found out that I actually ASSIST their SEO efforts and SE rankings, which explains why one of the sites I commented on ranked "#4" FOR MY KEYWORD... THE NEXT DAY... (plus the blog post had nothing to do with the keyword at all too... my keyword was the ONLY PHRASE ON THE PAGE).

    My question though is do you think that the free host I use (000webhost) may be the cause of my site's lack of ranking? I'm saying this because recently I've been coming across a weird page about my IP being blocked on "Stop Forum Spam" where I've been having to enter in a stupid capcha quite frequently.

    I spoke with a Google Sniper 2.0 support member, and she said that it's because I use 000webhost, which was mentioned in the Google 2.0 course (I swear I don't remember that though... still don't). I honestly don't want to believe this though.

    Do you think 000webhost may be the problem? If so, would I be able to reuse my content even after it's indexed already?

    Please post.

    ~Jarod B