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    After 5-15 requests, each account stops and starts the next with this message:
    Error [Add Targeted Friends] 3/43/5371/0/0: FacebookException -> Received an unknown error from facebook.com. Can't make sure whether it's a warning message, so let's just stop this account for security reason. Our test team will check out this unknow error as soon as possible.

    I am using PVAs, private proxies and I bought a captcha service. I am using the recommended random break time (3-30 seconds). Any ideas?
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    Hello macdonjo3,

    We have fixed this problem in our latest verison (FFAP 2.1.0), you may use the old version of FFAP, please uninstall the old version and download the latest version from the following link to solve your problem: Windows(32 bit): http://www.facebookfriendadder.com/download/FacebookFriendAdderPro.exe

    Any question or suggestion, you can post on our sale thread, we will reply you as soon as possible: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...-professional-facebook-marketing-tool-36.html

    Or just contact our 24*7 support team to get instant answer.

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    Kethy in Lively Facebook 24*7 Support Team