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    What is SERP?

    SERP stands for Serach Engine Results Page.When user types some question in a search engine, the engine returns pages with results/listings.There are generally two type of SERP listing generated.One is Organic, passed by search engine algorithm , another is paid SERP e.g. sponsored Ads,PPC,etc.

    Importance of Improved SERP.

    SERP is a vital tool that can make or break your online marketing campaign.
    Consider the following insights provided by these studies:
    • 68% of searchers select a result on the first page of search results
    • There is a disproportionate number of clicks (around 40 percent) on the number one listing
    • Reaching the first page in paid search is equally important.

    In Simple word, most people click on the first page, and most of those people click on earlier results. The higher your search engine results page ranking, the more traffic you'll get.:help:

    So, here some tips for Improving Google SERPs.

    • Research Keywords-
    • Organize (Group) the Keywords
    • Manage Your SEO Workflow/ PPC Workflow
    • Use the Analytics
    • Based on Results Repeat the cycle

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