Few tips on ranking small business.

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    Hey guys, I am new on blackhatworld and have been browsing hundreds of post and I have found alot of quality content, but I got a few questions.
    I am gonna make a website for a local hair dresser saloon and i`m currently looking for good professional templates. Laos I want this site to rank as number 1 when searching for "hairdresser" "My city"
    It`s a small city in norway, and google tells me that around 150 people are searching this keyword every month. If I could only get 5 of those as customers I would be very happy.
    I`m not familliar with SEO techniques, and as I have a fulltimejob + some other blackhat acitivities I do not have that much spare time so my question is:

    1. Is it possible to pay someone to SEO the site even though they don`t speak the native language(Norwegian) and still get a good result.
    2. What kind of website programming language is the easiest to BH SEO?
    3. ANy other tips that might come in handy?

    Replies are very appreciated, and thanks to the old warrior for introducing me to blackhatworld.
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    1) It depends on the level of competition for your keyword. If you have no real competition, then you could probably get it done by anyone. If there's competition, you need someone who can get you relevant links and relevant citations, probably in Norwegian. You can try to do it with English only sites and generic links, but you risk Google seeing that as spam.

    2) Doesn't really matter. For something like this, you can easily just build it in WordPress or plain HTML. You don't really need any programming for this. It's not like you're doing advanced scripting or hacking of any sort. Build 5-20 relevant backlinks by hand and you'll probably get ranked. No need for fancy code.

    3) It's probably easier than you think. Don't think too much about it, just do it.
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    That's very low comp figures and I'm guessing you're not even exact matching googles search results.Anyway getting to business,get the business listed in as many native business directories as possible,local and national.Now these links alone can be your first tier(and a decent one at that).I 100% AA scrapebox blast to these links with various keyword anchored text will help ALOT.Now when I say 100% AA I mean the list is checked for found links immediately after the test run and used immediately.

    Some web 2.0's in the mix possibley one or 2 websites on different servers with quality info about hairdressin tips and pointing to your site and other quality hair dressing sites.e.g vidal sassoon you get the idea.

    I do local and 150 searches a month is a walk in the park.As for site language(php.html etc) not really a factor,wordpress is easier for a beginner to use and edit both have seo advantages and disadvantages.

    Note I am not new,I was cloakndagger but forgot my password and hotmail deleted my email so had to rejoin.