Few quick points to keep your reputation high and push down negative reviews

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    Few quick points to keep your reputation high and push down negative reviews

    Online reputation becomes an inevitable thing irrespective of whether the business completely relies online or offline. If the reputation got affected by negative reviews in the first page of Google, then you really need to take intensive care in defending your brand name. Here are some tips need to be executed at the earliest to kick the negative reviews to later pages of Google.

    Build social authority:

    First and foremost step is to have an influential authority over social channels. Build your social profiles and engage your target audience. Share interesting facts and trends in your business that pulls your audience interest and make them to share, retweet and engage in interactions. Create contents and share it with your audience and make them to do marketing for yourself. It will help you greatly in kicking the negative reviews to inner pages.

    Blog yourself:

    If you don?t have a blog page in your website, don?t waste your time, start blogging today itself. Blogging will help you to get in touch with your audience daily, update your blog with at least one article every day or two. It will help you creep up in search engine rankings as well. Post relevant unique articles with right tags and keywords, so that when a user comes to search about your niche or terms relates to your niche, more likely your website will appear in top.

    Guest Blogging:

    Try to get links from high PR, high quality niche relevant guest blogs. But keep in mind; never pick a site which publishes low quality contents. Content quality is an utmost important factor to take care of when you opt to go for guest blogging. As Matt Cutts recent post on guest blogging states that guest blogging starts out as an authentic way and now it?s just gotten too spammy, so be aware in deciding with guest blogs. Links from real rich guest blogs will surely have an impact in your SERP changes.

    Engage in writing positive reviews:

    Create good count of positive reviews about your website and publish them in high authority review sites and do TIER 2 link building for those positive reviews. Engage in publishing few press releases in authority sites, high PR DA sites and apply effort in pushing them forward so that your negative reviews are more likely to get suppressed and go down in search results.

    When all the above steps come into practice, the negative reviews will vanish from the first page of Google and kicked out of general public view.

    Beyond this, share your thoughts and knowledge in Reputation management and contribute our community to grow wise.
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