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    I had a few questions in my mind. I've been extremely interested in Bing since some time now. I thought I should ask my queries here so others can also benefit from it.
    I previously invested some money on facebook ads with no luck and all I got was high cpc's due to low ctr's like 6% 7% 8% even though I AB Tested with numerous ads. Point being I'm not a complete newbie in marketing just need to be pointed in the right direction and I know I'll be able to succeed.

    Anyway here are my questions if youd be kind enough:

    1. Are there any setbacks from Bing's side for running a campaign from a third world country like facebook not letting advertisers outside the us access consumer spending information while targeting demographics.

    2. How should my landing page be, as this is the most confusing part for me I will further extend this question in points:

    A: Should I build my own landing page after hosting a website or should I get a service (whats best for a newbie?).

    B: How should the structure for the landing page be. An article and a link below to the vendor's sales page or no article only images and texts and a button to the vendor's sales page.

    C: I know building a list is recommended, but since I'm a newbie is it fine if I first try to start without building a list and not asking visitors for their email instead providing them an affiliate link to the vendor's sales page?

    D: How do you build your landing page? Is there a landing page creator you use? I once used a landing page creator wordpress plugin to create a landing page but I don't think it was something you'd approve of. What do you recommend to a newbie like me? Do you use wordpress plugins for landing pages?

    E: Can you please show me an example of a normal landing page so that I get an idea of what to do. I have no idea how should a normal landing page be. I googled sales page and downloaded a picture I have attached to this post. Is this how it should be? You can PM in private aswell if you're okay with it and ill appreciate it because I really dont know how it should be.

    F: So I just recently found out about instapage. I'm on a trial version so I was actually wondering if I could use instapage's own domain for a landing page host, the only problem is, the weblink becomes something like '(customkeyword).instapage.com'. But does it matter? Because as far as I recall you can change the link you have to show in bing while advertising. This is just an example I used in instapage for testing

    That is it with the questions. Dont want to take more of your time but let me just briefly explain to you what i know and you can correct me if Im wrong with just Yes or No.

    - I host a new website.
    - I create just a single page (excluding bing policy) called the landing page
    - I emphasize the products benefits, add images but more text for the betterment of Quality Score Relevancy.
    - I add a link to the vendor's sales page using my aff id and a tracker from clickbank.
    - I promote using Bing, AB Test and all.

    Am I on the right track?

    I know this was long but I really needed some help to clear my confusion, thank you so much.

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