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    Aug 14, 2014
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    I have a few questions maybe someone could clear up for me ..

    1) Private Proxies. Have never used them. I may get about 10 of them for SEO Spyglass/Rank Tracker to speed up the results.

    I guess when we use Private proxies if say I wanted to make a few different Google accounts and signed in to the different proxies would that be ok or would Google still know it was from same person?

    What about reviews for Google? I see some people making reviews and I think it is from the same person. So if they are using proxies does that hide where you are from?

    Any thing else I could use proxies for? Not using any scrapers or anything just basic SEO stuff.

    2) I know of someone who has a site and has like 5 plus links hidden in the back ground and he said when someone clicks on that sites it actually loads the other sites behind the scenes and gives the other sites a click. How would you do that?

    It seems to work pretty well as he ranks pretty good and really not many back links Just some good On page SEO.