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    *** Note: I'm not selling anything! I'm just trying to get a feel of the market and see if there is demand! ***

    I recently started in the bot game and quickly ran into a problem. I work off my laptop and often not connected or moving around. So I needed some sort of solution where I can run this 24x7. I came up with a pretty good solution in my opinion, and I can scale this out.

    The server is located in a major facility with a stable connection. The server will have 1GB of RAM, which is plenty for running most of the bots that are on the market at once. You will have RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) access to the machine. The machine will run Windows XP for lower memory consumption. Possibility of Windows 7 too if market demands it.

    You will also get 10 private proxies (HTTP, Socks) included in this deal!

    How much would you pay for something like this?

    Basically you'd be able to run your favourite bot software 24x7: **********, Twitter bot, YouTube bot, or MySpace bot, whatever bot. The server does not come with the bot software though. You have to have your own license.
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