Fears, Known Or Unknown Are Keeping You Broke.

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    This is something that I dealt with and wanted to share with others who feel like they are on a merry-go-round of defeat and unfruitful work.

    • Fear 1 - Fear of the past repeating itself. This is a compound fear that reinforces itself with every failure or dead-end.

    Question: When you think of taking action on a method that works for others, do you get hit with the lingering feeling that if you put all that work into it you might end up with nothing? Do you feel like you should protect your time and resources and then end up half doing something or not doing it at all?

    The truth is you are actually projecting a past hurt/failure/fear onto the possibilities of the future and onto your own abilities to overcome those. This is an action killer. It is evil because it continues to thwart your path so that you don't break out of the mold of failure, and it then reaffirms the past by playing out the same scenario in the present.

    • Fear 2 - Fear of others. What people think, what your family thinks, what society thinks - this type of fear keeps you contained in the cycle of doing well when people approve but self destructing when that affirmation is not there. This is common in co-dependent personality types and is good for team players but for entrepreneurs and creative marketers, it is a vision killer.

    The power over fear is actually in the conscious decision to go all out alone, to " Get Rich or Die Tryin' ", to take your life in your own hands and master your own destiny regardless of the outcome.

    You have to flip the switch on fear and dismantle it's mental processes.

    • You have to be a brutal bastard with those fears...

    • You have to turn your heart cold to other people's opinions of your perfomance and of your past.

    • You must deny every lie about your ability to be successful, and you must do this by going all out, non stop, no more reading threads and downloading WSO's that comfort your inactivity by reading about other people's successes.

    • You must not think about what is working for you day by day, just do it if it is aproven method and gauge the results when you are done and the floor is covered in your blood sweat and tears.

    • Master a method. Work it inside out, test different ways to bring about the results you want.

    • The goal is not to make money, it is to master the processes that make money. Once you have done that you will understand the things in your past and in your mind that have kept you broke are now subject to you.

    Identifying what you fear is important. For me it was what others thought of me.

    I would do a stellar job as a contractor and consultant but never progressed much in my own endeavors. Why? Because as funny as it sounds I needed affirmation from others in order to continue... I would tell someone about what I was doing to make money and was excited as heck but once the fervor of something new wore off and I had no one to look to for encouragement or that affirmation - I found a way to leave it languishing and made excuses about why it didn't work etc. I continued contracting (still do) for Fortune 500, Government and even Not-For-Profits, but all my stuff seemed to stagnate and sputter out and I would leave it and then I would just start a new one. (a cycle of failure and self-destruction that revolved around a flawed personal perception)

    When I looked at myself in the mirror and in the pain realized something profound that literally flipped everything around.

    I saw myself as I was - it's like I was always camped at the basecamp at the foot of Everest. I felt like everyone scaled the summit and showed me photos and told me how great it was when they came down, and I would help people prepare for the ascent very well, but never got around to preparing my own ascent... because I wouldn't start the climb until I had someone else's approval (sad I know) I knew that I would forever be living in the shadow of greatness and in sight of the peaks but I would never experiencing it for myself.

    After that moment it felt like I shed a weight off of my soul. I felt liberated and light, as if nothing could stop me and no matter what happened it didn't matter, I was going to thrive.

    I guess what I am trying to say is in order to be free from fear, you must identify in yourself those things that steal your progress and success/mastery.

    1. -They are the things that get you to give up at the first hint of failure, they seem to withhold you from spending $50 on ads to test traffic even though you use that on takeout food all the time.
    2. -They get you to fear losing the little you have so you never take the chance.
    3. -They keep you on the forum learning learning learning downloading downloading downloading but never getting serious and putting into action (because consuming IM info gives you that false sense of progress).
    4. -They cause you to half-do something in order to "protect yourself" from the disappointment that will come (and sure enough the half assed stuff I did always failed, right on cue).

    All things considered, we are all the same. You are no less worthy, no less able, no less destined to be successful at this.

    I'll end with something I read somewhere -

    "Fear and Wonder are equal and opposite reactions to the same catalyst ? the unknown. Fear imprisons the faculty of hope, while Wonder opens the horizons to positive possibilities. Fear interprets the unknown as darkness, and then despairs, but Wonder believes it to be the blinding light of a new sunrise and fills the soul with the fresh hope for new opportunities and lasting triumphs"

    Be fearless and be ruthless with your mind. Identify the lies and fears that are holding you back and call them out. Get mad .. make the choice that you no longer are mastered by these things. You will now put them to subjection. Master the fears, work and master the methods and you won't just be richer, you will be a more complete character in all areas of life.

    To Success!
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    Fear.....what's that?


    Thanks to op for an awesome post. When I look back, it makes me feel so bad that I was scared of almost everything. I lived the way others wanted...but not any more. To hell with what others think of me. I am who I am. Deal with it or move on.....
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