FCS NETWORKER - How to Get More Web 2.0 Accounts

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    THis is my second thread and i may be coming off as a newb and i admit i am. I have done some search around my new question, and i didnt find any answer for it .

    So i have FCS Networker now. However the Web 2.0 account creator software for FCS creates only about 100 or so Web 2.0 profiles. I am wondering isnt it neccessary to have more ? There are a limited number of Web 2.0 sites in the account creator. I wanted to create maybe 1000 web 2.0's, for tier 1. (ofcourse split out over a time) But i dont think it will be possible with the dafault FCS networker set websites. Anybody know any other large list of Web 2.0, that can be iported into FCS to automate mass account building ?

    I will really appreceite help on this. I am sorry for creating 2 threads in 2 days. I only created this because didnt find this question anywhere. I will not create any more threads after this. thanks
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    You would need to sign up to the other web 2.0s individually, and then import them into FCS.

    Just run the software again and create another 100 profiles. You will still have enough diversity to not worry about leaving a pattern. After this try running it again with a random 50 platforms. Then do it again on 50 random platforms. Some will be the same as previous, some won't. Just don't run the program 10 times on all 100 platforms, because then you will end up with 10 of each and that will leave a footprint.

    At the same time create profiles on platforms that are not on the FCS account creator (or pay someone on Fiverr or SEO Clerks to do it for you). This will then further dilute your link type, and avoid a footprint.

    Remember that the FCS account creator works on the most popular platforms, so it is natural to have more links coming from popular sites like blogger and wordpress.
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    may be create multiple profiles in same web 2.0 so you can get what you want.