FB users database of emails, interests, location, etc.

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    Jun 30, 2011
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    Hello everyone.
    I have some viral facebook apps running and was wondering if the details I collect from the users of my apps could be sold to anyone..
    I'm currently recording data like user's interests, email, location, gender, language, first name, last name.

    I'm aware of people who want emails of facebook users for making the 5k friends accounts.
    Also, if this database could be sold, how much would you pay for it? Let's say price per 1000 users for data of random users, or a specific country/language/city, or a specific interest?
    I can record more data also if needed, but the 'user interests' field is quite enough I guess.
    And if someone could share how I can myself make money from these lists by sending out emails, etc could be of great help.

    Thanks :)