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    Hello , I want to share my handmade imacros script. For those of you who like using AMF and gaining tons of point by using fb fanpage like. You can use my script to unlike all pages that you have liked to prevent your account get blocked by facebook.

    Try this
    Note :
    1. This imacros for Indonesian page, The word "Disukai" means "Liked" in English . and for "Batal<SP>Suka" means "Unlike" . Please change those two words into your page language. The script won't work if you just copy my script without editing it into your page language.
    2. see this in the script? "https://www.facebook.com/fill your username here/likes_other#" . Please change "fill your username" into your username fb
    3. change "likes_other" into any categories if your page liked in "like_other" category is done disliking. For example "like_clothing" and etc. and change it without type the quotation marks
    4. You can change "SECONDS=3" into any number just in case you have low connection. You can change into "SECONDS=5" or "SECONDS=7" and of course it will take longer to dislike all pages.
    5. For 1 time play, this script can unlike 8 pages. So you can input the maximum play (loop) based on how many pages you want to unlike.
    5. Make sure your pointer on the screen is on one of the pages that you want to unlike, leave that and don't move it :D
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    just unlike with facebook graph api is better and faster and safer
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