FB Farming: is out there a real absolute true that works?

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    Hi everyone i come here to tell you my experience in the farming of facebook accounts and to hear advices from the expert users.
    After got my, my mother, brother, girlfriend, friends, and pets FB account banned, because being a newbie without cloacking, i run out of FB accounts to run my campaigns.
    So in my hands was a PDF explaining all about "facebook farming"
    I started in january of this year creating acounts following the guidelines, create a VM, put a proxy in the browser, creating the account, using it for around 20 days, intercating with people, at day 21 create a page, start to upload contentevery 2-3 days, and using for another 20 days. Around 1 month and a half of "warming". Then, at the moment to introduce the payment method (card), to start growing the likes of my page, my account was banned atuomatically. I used for this stuff, also phisical and virtual cards, and in all the accounts had de same problem: ad account banned in the first day.
    After 10 or more accounts banned, voila, 1 account started running, for only 1 month.
    At same time i started creating fb accounts in my computer, the same computer where i run my banned facebook account, and without warming i add card (virtual in both cases) and the account worked. Then I wanted to add a new fanpage and was blocked.
    At this time (may 2016) i was focusing in other type of advertising and abandoned the farming, until july, when i pick up one of the last accounts i started and made irt run for 3 months. It was created with a virtual card and mantain some kind of warming procces of the fan page, run get paid likes for 1 week and starting with cloacked campaigns with few money up to 1K/day, in this account i tried to upload other campaigns that were rejected, but the account remained active. In this page i made posts everyday, but with the link of the offer in order to get some organic sells.
    Parallel, i created more accounts using my own computer, and one started running, with a debit card from my bank, also run for around 3 monhts
    Then i picked up the accounts that was making in my computer, and made them run with virtual cards, but these accounts run for few time... around 1-2 weeks, and werent disabled the ad acount, was blocked the profile. For these accounts the farming process that made before was not done... maybe the profile had 15 days, and i created the fan page and the other day put the card, won some likes and started with the campaigns with high budget per day.
    Then i could do the same with 3 more accounts, one of these acounts was only 1week/life, with few friends and run without problems for 1 week.
    This week my accounts were blocked, and any new account i want to add a card, is blocked too, altough i am running them again in virtual machines.
    Today, i created a business account, and could add a card and start receiving paid likes to my pages of my original facebook account blocked... so i am disoriented, because i create 5 new accounts this week without proxy but in VMs, and my partner says that we have to add cards now so we can have 5 accounts running on friday
    No one of this were PVA
    For that reason i want to ask to you if there is an absolute true in the farming?
    what is important to not be banned... aging? card? activity? proxy?
    Thanks in advance
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    Everything you said is important. The only thing is that are doing everything right?