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    Hey guys,

    What are your favourite iphone apps?

    Here are mine:

    Netnewswire: This syncs with your google reader and lets you read all of your rss feeds (like all posts to this forum for example, some blogs (lifehacker gizmodo, askmen.com), bunch of other forums, news etc.)

    Instapaper: This little baby has a bookmarklet on your iphone, your computer and your emails. you click "read it later" and it saves your posts that you cant read for later.

    Tuneinradio: Listen to digital radio, its great. You can even go back one song and play it again!! amazing!

    Dropbox: Puts on a folder on your iphone, computer and (for me i use it on my server too). It syncs them all together. It's so great i dont even think about it.

    Sleepcycle: Like an alarm clock but wakes you up when your in a light slep so that you wake up a little fresher.

    Skyfire: like safari with flash

    Teamviewer: If i need to control my computer when im not close to my comp i use this.

    Kayak: great for travel deals.

    Groundwire: use a SIP phoneline on your iphone.

    Googlesync: syncs your gmail to the calender and contacts on your iphone. I dont know how anyone could not use this, i dont even think about it.

    Hit me with your faves.