FAT Video - Any Suggestions?


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Mar 2, 2011
How should I monetize this?

I have a video on You Tube that was getting thousands of views very quickly before being classified as adult content. I stupidly added adsense to it when Google sent me a message and said that it could qualify for adsense because of the traffic... doh.. they subsequently classified it as adult and the videos traffic plummeted.

I have since pulled it from that account and re-uploaded it into another account and the traffic is building again.

The vid is not porn but a shocking obesity vid. It really is quite horrible but not porn. Its a professionally produced vid.

I'm sending the clicks from it to a weight loss supplement but I don't think this is right as its getting hits but no conversions.

Im guessing the views are coming from either weidos that like this kind of shit or from people looking for pure shock value..

Any suggestions for the best way to monetize this? I thought about fatty dating CPA offers..

Any other suggestions?
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