Fast snipe new token launches thru BSCSCAN


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Jun 17, 2018
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Useful for beginners looking to be early or ahead on new tokens. You can snipe much faster than pancakeswap users. The guide linked(not mine). Interacting through bscscan is much faster. But be sure to read the important note below.

Important note: As you read and understand the guide, you will notice that the guide uses pancakeswap Router V1 bscscan contract. You need new version V2 as new tokens uses new one to add liquidity.

V2 Router:

Also, you can use Trustwallet/metamask to do tx(guide uses only metamask). Just connect to trust through walletconnect option from web3 connector.

This is not an automated/bot method, practice your fast fingers and you will be ahead of exchange.pancake users. (Try testing with small amount first to understand the concept)