[FAQ] How to make a proper 100% unique spintax article

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    As some of you know I hold a writing service here on BHW, and a few months ago I had an order from businessbira, where he had asked me if I knew how to make 100% unique spintax articles. Back then, my answer was negative - because I never tried to make one and it looked pretty complicated. All my writers back then were like "dude, it's so fucking complicated, it's not worth the money" - until we started building them on a regular basis. So, one could say that currently my experience with spintax articles is growing, and that's why I want to share some of my knowledge with the guys that are just starting with it.

    Let's say that you have an article about van insurance, and you want to make it a quality 100% spintax article, then first you should write one sentence that has three parts. Like this:

    As you can see, the sentence has three parts, and now you have to rewrite the whole sentence a few times to get content for a spintax ,but we will rewrite it only once so you can get the hang out of it. You should have something like this:

    After that you have to spintax each sentence individually to get a sentence spun article, and get something like this:

    Then, I would advise that you spin it once more, but on word base. You can use lot's of different tools for this.

    And that's it. But, the thing is, I used only two sentences with three parts each, just so I don't complicate it too much for you. You can always make it better with adding four, five, six sentences with three, four or five parts - and each part spintaxed by sentence and word.

    Any questions? ;)
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