Fantasy Football Site SEO Problems

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BEASTMAN100, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Hello everyone.

    I run a website, since I am a rookie on this site you can google it because I cant post the link. "Beast Dome"

    I am a Fantasy Expert and my rankings are compared to all the ESPN/Yahoo/CBS ppl etc in the FantasyPros challenge.

    I write really in depth articles and all of my visitors come back. I have spiked to 940 people in a day, but the potential for more is there. Easily..

    Can people please offer any tips or tricks to get higher SEO ranks, and what to do. The platform is WordPress.

    Thank you so much everyone.
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    Hi mate,

    First you could use the search button in order to find a lot of SEO tips and tricks. If I was you, I would probably try to create some social buzz - facebook shares, likes, retweets, pinterest. You tube videos with link to your site. A press release would be good :)

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    You have your work cut out for you but you have come to the right place. First of all you are already doing the most important thing you can be to rank well in SERP's and drive more traffic to your site which is creating fresh quality content that keeps visitors coming back. Don't ever stop doing this.

    You should also do some on-site SEO by first finding keywords that you would like to target. You can use a tool like Google Keyword Tool or something similar to get keyword ideas along with data related to them. You should also use some type of keyword research method to determine which words and phrases are best to include in your copy. Ideally you want words that are highly relevant but not that competitive. Sometimes you may have to compromise though. Once you have your set of keywords, build a page around each one including the word or phrase in the copy of your website, in title tags, meta tags and alt tags. When you write your articles you can use the same approach.

    There are also off-site tasks that you can perform to drive more visitors from organic listings. Set up an account with Google Webmaster tools if you have not already and submit your site's URL. For a new site, tasks such as creating a sitemap and submitting it along with your new domain to the major search engines, creating external properties such as wikis, free business listings, and submitting fresh articles with linked keywords to web 2.0 properties will all help your cause. Social book marking is also a good tactic. Create links to these web 2.0 properties from social book marking sites.

    Keep up to date on industry news by reading the blogs and following the social media accounts of industry leaders. SEOMoz is a good one along with @randfish - Rand Fishkin the organization's founder. Another good resource is and you could follow @DannySullivan - Danny Sullivan, the website's Editor. Matt Cutts -- @mattcutts who is head of the webspam team at Google is another great resource.

    This should keep you busy for a while and as you get into these tasks you will find more things that you can do to help improve your traffic.

    Here are some links to help you find some of the things I mentioned above,

    Google's keyword tool can be found here,

    Here is a link to an article explaining the KEI keyword research method,

    This link is to an article explaining the results-to-searches method for keyword research,

    Here is a list of innovative ways to do keyword research,

    This article talks about keyword density,

    Here are a list of web 2.0 sites where you can create accounts and submit articles,

    Web 2.0 site with PR 5 or higher

    Here is a list of social bookmarking sites,

    Social bookmarking sites with PR 4-8
    Hope this helps you get started,

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    Since you have such a niche, you could try link bait. Maybe some contests or something like that to get more links your way. But in any case get social networking going. Fantasy people network a lot and that is what you have to do as well. Rankings will come with authority. Also you might want to like into the Buy sell trade section of this forum for a service that will help you achieve them sooner.