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    Aug 4, 2015
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    Hi BHW folks, I have been lurking around here from long time, and decided to write a journey here to keep my self motivated. Here you go:

    1. Follow latest liker(s), commenter(s), and follower(s) (Max 10 recent followers on that account) and then filter it by a criteria.
    2. Like pics based on hashtag.
    3. Unfollow who do not follow me back per 3 days.

    1. Must have profile picture.
    2. Must have 10 followers at least.
    3. Not the person I've followed before.

    1. Follow limit perday = 500
    2. Like limit perday = 1000

    1. Account 1 (Fitness), made it 2 weeks ago. And 4 days ago I started posting, following, and liking other people accounts or pics.
    2. Account 2 (Food), made it 7 months ago (I just literally forgot about this account, because I made it just for fun ;)).

    Every account have been verified by phone number.

    Accounts stat:
    1. Account 1: followers: 23x, following: 46x, avg likes: 70, avg comments: 4
    2. Account 2: followers, 89x, following: 84x, avg likes: 78, avg comments: 2

    I'm using hootsuite to schedule my post on those accounts and put 30 hashtags on caption.

    Pics source:
    1. Account 1: google and tumblr (Without giving a credit)
    2. Account 2: instagram (Giving a credit)

    1. Bot, I made a bot for myself because I wanna try to utilize my programming skill. I can not make it public because I think it would affect the data source that I use. It just simple bot that simulate people's behaviour on instagram (web version).
    2. My laptop (obviously).
    3. Brain :cool:.

    1. Reach 10k followers on those accounts.
    2. Monetize account(s) that reach 10k followers (CPA, PPI, PPD, PPL, teespring, shoutout).
    3. Make new account when my account already have 10k followers.

    Right now I just randomly using plan 1, 2 and posting manually from my phone. I'll try different strategy and post here with a result (I'll post everyday if I can). Also I avoid commenting people pic(s), because it too risky. Hope this journey also could inspire peoples here. Feel free to correct my English as English is not the primary language I used on daily basis. Thank you :D
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    Jul 18, 2015
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    Hey I just started my first Instaproject. Definetly will follow your progress to keep myself motivated
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    Aug 4, 2015
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    Accounts stat for today:
    1. Account 1: followers 26x (+32), following +181 and have liked 123 pics.
    2. Account 2: followers 92x (+37), following +129 and have liked 81 pics.

    Its really slow, but I got alot engagement. So far so good :cool:
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    Mar 1, 2016
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    It's a start, keep it going. BOL falala