FAILED Miserably But Refuse to Give Up!!

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    Hello once again BHW

    SEO is the first problem I am having, as everyone tells me it used to be easy but now it is almost impossible with some new Panda algorithm that was released. They say even experienced IM'ers have lost tons of traffic cutting their once great income sites in half or some even worse to where they lost everything. How is someone new to IM supposed to compete with this? Can someone please give some real expert advise on this and what people should do who are just starting out. I wasted $100 bucks and I know this isnt much at all to most but this is money I could have spent on food and other life neccessities.

    Are niche sites even worth it?, for me someone who isnt that great at keyword research do I even stand a chance finding even long tail keywords that could help me make money from a niche site? Finding affiliate programs are easy, so is creating a wordpress site with premium themes, but finding longtail keywords that are not competitive and products from affiliate programs that are related to those non competitive longtail keywords and then being able to rank high on google with secret SEO tactics seems impossible to even think about.

    Some one on here who replied to my last post told me if I had some money saved up that I could buy traffic, but where? How much? Does the traffic actually work as good as the traffic you get from ranking on google? If so why don't everyone buy traffic instead of wasting time and money trying to get on googles top ranks for keywords that google could then release a new algorithm and cost you everything you worked so hard for?

    None of this makes any sense to me and for me to remain interested in this world of IM, I have to be able to make sense out of the work Im doing or else everything seems like a waste of time and feels pointless. Can someone who is an experienced marketer please guide me in the right direction. I dont want to come across as some person who wants spoon fed because thats not the case. I just wanna know what works for beginners to start making money now and not 6 months down the road which is how long people are telling me it sometimes takes to get ranked on googles first page and thats only if your lucky. Is it possible to not even worry about keywords and make thousands from the internet a month? Like if I were to make a site not using keywords but still use a premium theme for wordpress and use tactics such as getting traffic from youtube, twitter, facebook, word of mouth and so on instead of SEO for google traffic would I still be successful? Im sorry for the frustration It just feels horrible to fail at something you have so much passion and determination for.