Facebooker needed to help bring sign-up to new social network

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    I'm launching a new social and news network site, general interest, sports, social, girl (non-nude Maxim style). There's easy facebook connectivity and an interface for adding friend from facebook accounts.

    I'm still fine tuning some of the features and offering points in exchange for actions like uploading photos and inviting friends.

    The ideal candidate should be able to assist with consulting on ways to improve the site and social network as well as have access to facebook account/s with a large number of friends or groups / fan pages to launch our network invites in.

    Multiple applicants possible.

    Payments will be made via paypal

    Hourly payments or per sign-up seem like methods that would make the most sense, but other options will be considered.
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    how much u wil pay per signup.We will drive traffic from other social networks.