Facebook'd Is This The End ?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by danouma, Apr 21, 2010.

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    As everyone has heard by now, facebook came out with new advertising policies near the beginning of the month. Calling out rebills, mobile, as well as zip/email submits many affiliates question the viability of facebook as a traffic source moving forward. While many offers won't get through, there are still a few verticals that pass the test. Dating for one is still showing up on facebook, just be sure to keep your creative's somewhat tame. We've just added three new countries to our Zoosk Offers, be sure to check them out. Browser games are also still a viable source of revenue as well. By implementing these new policies facebook is making room for more local advertising as well as creating a better user experience for its members. Keeping this balance of user experience and profitability is vital to their business model and is something to watch as they progress forward.

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    Good because it's time we get rid of all these shady offers (rebills, mobile, e-mail submits). Now it's time to adapt and provide quality products and offers.

    Bad because the shady offers were "easy" money.

    You can still promote the shady offers on second tier search engines.