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Facebook / Youtube

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by DatDale, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. DatDale

    DatDale Newbie

    Oct 3, 2013
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    Hi Guys A while back, a good friend of mine in real life had a video of his go Viral. He was contacted by LADBible, UNILad, Storyful, Clicky etc all wanting the video. He sold the rights to one of the videos to Storyful for £300. I'm sure they made a lot more. The video in question has 4.1 million views. His youtube channel (which he does nothing to maintain) got 10k subs almost overnight due that video, Facebook page has 33k likes. My question is, the public obviously like him, I want to manage him moving forward and actually make some money for him rather than these companies. I can get the person in question to make more videos, I just need to convince him there is potential in youtube. What do you guys think, does this have potential?
  2. Ray Rolls

    Ray Rolls Regular Member

    Dec 5, 2011
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    There is potential but there are a ton of variables. Money is a great motivator for people, but at the end of the day since you would be in a management capacity you have to make sure he really wants it. You also have to make sure it's worth the headache for you to get 15%-20%( unless you structure a better deal). If you have to convince him then you might have a headache on your hands.

    I speak from the experience of working with a group of friends in a management capacity. The percentage was not worth the headache which got worse after a development deal with a major. You know your friend better than me but if he is marketable make sure you have an iron clad 360 agreement and it is worth any headaches that will inevitably arise.

    Good Luck,