facebook $ with poker app


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Sep 9, 2010
Ok lets say "theoretically :p " you have a bussiness
-which you used to make 45-50k usd in profits for yourself 3 months ago
-lets say there wasnt much competition (well there was but it was an oligopoly underground bussiness)
-lets say it was related to some facebook app related to the poker, the biggest one there, u might know already which one is it
-since there was so much profits loads of competitors entered so to get back profits needed to get back loads of traffic to your site,
-you have done loads of SEO but safe keywords, havent touched keywords that will get angry the app developer or get you on the eye of the hurricane since there has been loads of sued sites before, they mostly take over their site and thats it, you used to rent 2 of them, they took it with those sues saying copyright infringement (which it is in fact)
-lets say competition has raised more and more and have decreased to 10-20k/mon
-in order to get more earnings you did 2 things last month:

you did huge SEO campaign which ranked you in a keyword naming the owner of the app and this has trigered some lawsuit sues before to sites and they have been taken over
1st cause they had no solid hosting
2nd they put their name in the hosting

you dont have a bad hosting but itsnot that good, its in singapur but i read their policy and under a lawsuit which goverment asks them they will turn down the site to the app owner

should you get a BP hosting in china or russia or ukraine? can they turn down the hosting?
1 solution was PQR in sweden but they will only turn you down if the swedish court asks it, can this app go to court in sweden? they have only done it in california i dont know abroad, should you change to PQR and stay 1 year with that hosting and wait for the worst?

2nd you dont have you name involved, hosting has a fake name under it so by that way you are safe, also payment processor has another name and the person who receives the wires, so in all those cases you are safe,

so whats your solution, cause you are the next aiming for a lawsuit to take out your domain and a possible compensation?
a good anonymous hosting offshore?
remove keywords and keep low earnings?
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