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Facebook Viral Content Journey

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by SonOfMan, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. SonOfMan

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    Feb 25, 2015
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    I decided to start a journey to keep me motivated and maybe get some knowledge from this awesome forum. This is my first site of my own that I created so I am trying to copy the success of a similar site I came across when I first came up with this idea. I have learned a ton so far, but man there is a lot more I need to figure out.

    I am going to create a facebook viral/travel content site. It will mainly be earning through adsense and taboola when I get enough content up. So far have 7 posts up and its been going for 3 weeks as I have been testing it. Is it to early to put adsense on it yet?

    So far I have a facebook page and a site with a free theme that I have customized some.
    Facebook page is up to 260 likes, 50 of which were paid, the rest are organic from me posting in groups. Spent a total of $25 on facebook so far on post boosts and likes. Likes was costing me about $.13 per. Just testing with paid traffic and it seems expensive for this method so trying the organic with free group posting right now.

    I am focusing on just one segment of the population but I have seen a site similar to mine that i am trying to mimic, and they have about 100k fans per segment and looks like they started in April and are now up to according to similarweb 4mil visits a month. But that site appears to spend until they reach 100k and then let it go organic after. Had a couple of days where I hit 4k users but that drops off after two days after it gets done getting shared.

    Things To Do
    Plan to improve my onsite navigation as I am at a dismal 93% bounce rate.
    Try to encourage likes and shares within the posts
    Use BTB's method to grow likes, the frustrating thing is that people like the posts and comment on them but its only within the post in the group

    Ideas I am thinking about
    Kicking around the idea of putting some amazon affiliate products that relate to the post in a subtle way
    I know targeted scraped audiences is out, but supposedly you can still invite to like from the scraped emails so I might try that
    Branded products for the site
    Try to encourage content submission with contests or give aways

    Challenges so far
    Content creation vs income-the site I am using as a playbook is spitting out 30 pages of content a day at least, along with 30 facebook posts a day and it appears it has about 30 writers covering each segment of the population. Content is easy, with about 500 words per post on general topics, but this would mean at $10 per article that site is spending 300 a day in content.
    Not enough content for adsense yet, I don't know what kind of cpm I will get with this site so I am having a hard time not moving on to something else
    How is that site earning? If adsense is what $1-3 per 1k visitors at 4mil visitors that only 4k a month, not counting facebook advertising that site probably spending close to 9k a month in content.
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