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Facebook Video Views

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by azam1988, Jul 13, 2016.

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    Mar 5, 2014
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    I like to enjoy kayak fishing in moonlit night and I want all of my friends to see the beauty of the silver night. So, I set up my new DSLR on a tripod just beside my seat to capture my fishing and I upload the video on Facebook. It's my regular activity, but recently I just have started struggling to increase the amount of my Facebook Video Views.

    Before uploading any videos, there was only 19 followers to my Facebook page and post reach was very low. But, whenever I started uploading videos, I see a rapid growth to the digit of my followers. I see 30 - 50 views on my newly published video and 10 - 15 post engagement. But I dreamed of getting 100k views to my videos.

    You can now easily increase your Facebook video views by following a few simple steps but, I had to work hard to see only 1k views to my first video. Now I know how to increase brand awareness through facebook and I need more and more views to my videos because, facebook videos can increase post reach and post engagement to a fan page.

    There is a lot of advantages of facebook videos. If you like to see a rapid growth of your online business, there is no better way, but using facebook videos. The success of business depends on the outreach and promotion. It also need reputation to be established as a successful business. Facebook video is an awesome way to outreach your business.

    As an online business owner, you may sell some products or you may provide any service. Whatever you do, you must need to advertise your business and as a small businessman, you don’t like to spend a lot of money on advertising. Facebook videos will help you to advertise your business at the very cheapest cost.

    Moreover, facebook video is a very trustworthy method to outreach your business. All of your valuable customers are your follower and they always leave their feedback or review in the comment section of the facebook video. These reviews and comments drive the trust of the new audiences.

    In this way, videos of a facebook page become the key factor of promoting a business. This is not any critical phase of marketing. Though a few months ago, it was very perplexing thing to me to create and upload videos on facebook, but now, it is just as easy as drinking a cup of coffee. So, let’s see the ins and outs of facebook video.

    If you like to upload a video to your page, first of all you need to create a video. You do not need long videos just like we see very short advertising videos on television channel. It’s just better to upload only 1 - 2 minutes long videos. To create a video you can use your DSLR camera, but, if you do not have that camera, you can create your desired video using some free tools. The process is very simple.

    To create a video using free tools, from YouTube, find out a related video to your product or service. Download the video to your device. Now run your free screen recorder and play the video. You don’t need to record all the video. Just record the important portion from the middle. Now save the record and login to your facebook page to upload the video.

    You can also use corel video studio to create better videos. Always try to create relevant videos to your product and/or services to get the best result. Suppose, you sell DSLR camera, but you have created a video on compact camera, then you won’t see any improvement in your business. So, to get the improvement, you must need relevant videos to publish.

    Thumbnail is very important to get more views to a video. If you do not set a custom thumbnail to your video, facebook will generate it automatically. So, always set a custom and catchy thumbnail to increase your facebook video views quickly, while uploading your videos on facebook.

    You have created your video and uploaded it and your video has been published. Now you want to show this video to your targeted audiences. This is the main point to advertise your business. There is an embedded option to get views to your videos and that is Boost Post option. But this option will cost you much.

    So, what to do to get more views? If the video does not get any view, then all of your effort of creating that video will go in vain. Some one feels pride to see 10k+ views on their videos. How do they get such views?

    Don’t worry. Most of the small business owners depend on freelancers to get views to their videos. Visit the Marketplace of BHW to hire a freelancer. Best Wishes.
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