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    I came accross some of this gag like sites, and here in germany is one wich made over 200.000€ per month. I know that because I talked with one of their affiliates who got about 4.500 € per month. This site paid 5€ for 1.000 clicks, and this guy just shared they gag pictures on his own facebook fanpages. Its not working so good anymore because of the new facebook algorithm upgrade. But he earns still 1.000 € a month. (German traffic only) The site is 1jux.net

    So I want to make something like this, but instead of creating the 1.000s gag site I want to make something new. I built a site where users can upload their pictures, and share them, and see how many "visits" they become on theirs pictures, and how popular they are.

    I set it up 2 days ago and only made a few facebook postings with a new Fansite for my website and got 200 visitors a day and 50 pictures submissions.

    If someone here has big facebook fanpages, and wants to start something new, just contact me.

    Just contact me if you can drive Facebook traffic to my site, I will pay you per 1.000 clicks.

    I am looking for US and European traffic only.

    My skyp: afterwords5
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    i added u for some questions