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    How are you guys cloaking primarily. Just mainly off page passing the good clicks to your lander? I suggest doing a php script on your lander that executes before your html. Do some digging in your data to find ip ranges to block out. I just target the whole subnet when I find one. It looks something like this, these are some of the actual ranges too (I block 6,000 ranges right off the same file as the lander like this)


    $ip '103.246.';
    $ip '107.77.';
    $ip '140.186.';
    $ip '166.';
    $ip '166.137.';
    $ip '166.170.';
    $ip '166.173.';
    $ip '166.175.';
    $ip '166.176.';
    $ip '166.182.';
    $ip '172.56.';
    $ip '172.58.';
    $ip '187.212.';
    $ip '205.197.';
    $ip '70.210.';
    $ip '70.212.';
    $ip '72.168.';
    $ip '97.32.';

    if (
    substr($_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR], 0strlen($ip)) === $ip) {
    header("location: http://safesite.com/path");
    I got the ranges from studying my data with a focus on when accounts were banned down to the minute, as well as running accounts uncloaked and studying that data, all of which was appended by maxminds database first, in order to get the best result.

    But alo keep in mind, just cause maxmind or your tracking says a click is a residential class ip, doesnt mean that it is.

    And dont filter off by isp its just fundamentally inefficient, except for a select few (megapath, bluecoat etc)

    Theres a lot of overkill you can tell even from the few ranges i listed, but after using the list through over 1 million clicks it added only 2% to the bleed rate. And I have about 10 accounts that are a year old now, even that ran dirty diet at some point. Theres a lot I could say on that but thats a whole thing in itself.