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    Jan 9, 2013
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    I've recently set up a page which has accumulated around several thousand likes. It's specific to the UAE and I was looking on some direction for increasing it's popularity or it's perceived popularity...

    I have accompanied this page with a fake account, I've put some tempting pictures out as bait (no nudity just a first class tart) with the pre-tense of moving over the UAE. I figured I would build up her friend's with facebook user's based in UAE then start interacting and actively promoting the account. However, the process is taking longer than expecting and i'm fulfilling other tasks around the project on other social networks and don't really have time to constantly go on an adding-spree. Is there software I can get that will automatically add a list of user's if I have them on a spreadsheet and/or is there a more efficient way of recruiting friends from a specific place?

    Are there any more recommendations aside from this and general interaction... to gain exposure for my page in the territories I want it to gain exposure?