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    I am looking a partner, i have many type facebook accounts. Theese are :

    -I have old profiles with friends from many country.( Friends are real)

    -I have 4 years old business accounts with 2 type ;

    -First is fresh and wait for 4 years like first day that was created by us

    -Second is spent. I mean, we added add card in accounts than created ads, run it. After spend 5-10 $, We delete ads from in campaigns
    This accounts are 4 years old like before and also was created ans spent in 2012 july. So they have more chance to create ads and run it.

    -Finally we can create and run ads both of in business acc and profiles. After spend 5-10$, we delivery them to our customers.
    So we call them as active ads accounts.

    I need some money urgently and i need to find many more customers. I have many references. I think anyone who want to be partner with me wont have trust problem against to me. I am in this market for many years and there are many people who know me. This post is not for sell accounts. So please dont contact me for buying accounts . I need only find a trustable partner.
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    Did you not here about the young guy who got arrested by FBI for selling Facebook accounts?
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