Facebook Sidebar Ads are getting "Clicks" but not "Website Clicks"??

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by krzysiekz, Mar 26, 2014.

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    Jul 29, 2010
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    Just trying to compare newsfeed ads to side bar ads and I'm having a small issue.

    On my side bar ad, I am trying to get them to click on the ad to go to my website. However, I'm looking at the results and there are two columns, one is "Website Clicks" and the other is "Clicks".

    Now, I'm getting several "Clicks" but so far no "Website Clicks".

    I'm just wondering, how is it even possible to get a click on a side bar ad without it being a "Website Click". There is no post or page to open, it only takes you to the website.

    Kind of confusing?

    I wouldn't think much of it... but it seems I am actually getting a few "Clicks" on the sidebar ads and they're coming in at not too expensive either. The only problem is, not sure where or what those clicks are doing!

    Any ideas?
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    Sep 20, 2013
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    I'm trying on newsfeed ads as I believe there's more ctr than sidebar ads. Anyway, in my testing, the clicks are what they meant to be, as click to the fb page and website clicks to the website you link out.

    I think that's the template result that fb is having? So, the website clicks = clicks, in your sidebar ads?

    Sorry for not helping much as not much experience too, just my wild guess here.