Facebook Shoe Ads (Theory and Info)


Oct 16, 2010
there's been some shoe ads on facebook for awhile now, maybe almost a year if anyone hasn't seen them the basically tag ppl in photos that link to their site. here's wat they do from my understanding, they build a profile background info a couple hundred pics like a few fan pages the works to make it look legit, they get an account build it up to 100 to 200 friends or so after that the build another album seperate from the main and post photos of shoes and items they have on their site in that album. now rather the wall posting and messaging they tag ppl on the shoe photos 25 or so per pic and each account has a unique url so that forwards users to the main site so the main url doesn't get blocked by facebook. Lets say 10 accounts a day get tag 10 user per photo so that 100 users and lets say each account has 100 friends thats 10,000 impressions and I know they are tagging way more ppl a day with way more friends per account I have 800 friends and get tagged weekly in their photos. This is my understanding of how this works as far as this method though I see nobody else doing it why is that its fairly simple you have domain cost with a forward ip address per account then labor hours into building an account making 50 to 70 per sale in the replicas niche.

If I had the resources (I'm literally running on pennys over here) I'd do this in a heartbeat but I've seen nobody else tagging on a professional level like this I even asked a few ppl with bots on here including lively and adding a picture tagger mode wasn't even being though of. My facebook understanding is not at an expert level but does anyone else have any theorys on these ads and how they think this site works
There are apps that can tag the users friends in the pictures on the users behalf. This is probs what they're doing.
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