Facebook Questions. [+Mini How-To]

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    Hey there,

    I'm relevantly new here, I read the forums most days, and I try to learn from what other people post and suggest, and clearly learn from other peoples mistakes, but I don't post much, as my motto is; got nothing useful to add, don't bother.

    Anyways, My questions are clearly Facebook based, I've read a lot about people getting /Banned/ and /Ghosted/, but I've never read how that happens.

    For me:
    Facebook account name is the name of the product/service
    Verify account via gMail + Phone Number
    Profile Picture: Picture of product/service
    Website: Mydomain
    Age: 25~

    I post on ~150-200 groups (+ 100 profiles) once every 3 days, I do this manually, and it takes about two hours... Odd times Facebook tells me to "Slow down", when that happens, I simply go make a cup of coffee, a sandwich, or something which entertains me for 10 minuets, then I continue, Typically post in blasts of 20 or so, wait a min, repeat....

    The days I don't post, Every few hours I "Like" on 5-10 peoples status, so my name shows in other peoples right hand mini-news feed, as my name is my product/service, It attracts people to my profile, which is public... so more free advertising. Odd times I'll even comment on peoples status, typically when people post baby photos (Something like: Bless, she's gorgeous), Or when a woman complains, something like "Typical men eh?" (Clearly most my accounts are labelled as female)

    I post:
    Some Text - MyDomain
    (About 5 diff ver of Some Text)

    I've never been "Ghosted", or had any issues... And I've been doing this for a month.

    So could anyone explain how people get ghosted/banned, Are they posting too fast? black listed links? using bit.ty?....

    Purpose of this thread is mainly to educate others how to/not to use Facebook; As; Apparently my method works; Seemed like common sense to me to be fair(Lol)... Although I'd like others with more experience to also post labelling how not to get Ghosted/Banned.

    I'm planning on vamping up my Facebook efforts using this method, mainly more groups/profiles, so clearly, would also like a few wise words from the gurus on what to avoid issues.

    I've also never used "Group Events"... I'm invited to plenty per day "Free iPod / $20 Asda Coupons" and such, Is this wise, or is that a possible reason for people having issues. It's something I'm considering trying;

    Hope this post helps people, And do hope others can give their in-slight that will help others (and me :p)