Facebook Photo Verification

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    Dec 7, 2014
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    I need help getting back on facebook. I can pay for your time. Add me to skype Divinebundles
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    Nov 6, 2013
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    The only way you can get past this is to try time and time again, untill you start to see patternts between the photos and certain names. Good thing is that Facebook doesnt actually show you random photos of all your friends. It just rotates a small fraction of your friends (maybe 20-30 names) and even fewer sets of photos. So after a while you start realizing that the photos and the names are repeating. If you access your account through the mobile version of Facebook https://m.facebook.com/ you will always get that kinfd of verification type, which is a lot easier to get around with a few tries
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    Jan 8, 2015
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    I always do the same:

    Open your "banned" account on your phone
    Open your own or another account on another phone, computer, tablet. .

    Then when fb ask you to identify certain name, search it fast on your other device and try to identity the guy (do it fast because you have a limit time )

    If you have Arab people just skip their names haha, at least you can type arab

    Use common sense, usually people with Latino names aren't blonde or very white, and so on :)

    I hope it helps, I have recovered my account with 5000 friends doing this many times