Facebook Phone Call to verify and DID numbers ?


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Nov 5, 2013
I'm having serious dificulties to get the verification by call option. I'm just getting the SMS option (texting) all the time... anyone know if its possible to force verification by phone call ?

Also wasted the whole morning looking for Free SMS Enabled "DID numbers / virtual local numbers" without any success. I found paid... But I know PVA code services that are cheaper. I've tried a TON of VoIP services and the best I have found is SIP call Forwarding to verify the account... Does anyone know a free "DID number" provider with SMS Enabled to receive ?

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I'm sorry because I was really busy these days in my *real life* business (a coffee/bar).

are u logged into the account?you can force phone call if you can login
Yes, I was logged in... With the dialog to type "my" phone number and select the validation method (but just texting available)

Yes you can force phone but before you should login.
How ? I tried spamming the "accept" button and after some clicks the validation by call was revealed but now, this is not working anymore for me. I also tried with USA proxies/vpn since i've read that it works with the "hola!" extension for google chrome, but it didn't too...

How you guys force the validation by call ? Ty

ps. Excuse my poor english... It's not my first lang.
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