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    Hi there,

    [I don't know if I choose the right title but hope so.]

    For days, I'm making a partnership with a guy that have a 2.2m Facebook follower page. I pay him some many and he links some posts of mine on his page. I ask him how he maintains his powerful engagement, he answered: every link I put on the page I delete it after 24h (and he put no more than 4-5 links per day). I want to try his method but I have some questions: is this legal? I mean Facebook don't consider it spam? Or, Will I be punished (if I would be caught)? Is this method good for something? There are too many questions regarding his method.

    Please answer only if you are familiar with Facebook large pages or if you have a solid knowledge of marketing... This is really important and could change too many! ...

    Ps: excuse my English, it's my third language!
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    the guy is bullshitting you, i have fb page 20k fans and managed with my successful post that went viral, 1M views to make around 2M reach and 300k engagement, let's say you make a post that went viral and got lot of engagement and you make another post that doesnt go viral, if you see the page statistics in general the engagement would look good, but remember it was good coz a post went viral.
    from my own experiece with facebook, my page is 14 months old, facebook is giving me generally 15% reach (sometimes and this is rare, randomly a post of mine can make 40-50% reach, exemple: this post was 21hours ago: https://goo.gl/9vPPtP => this post got 0 shares) but other times facebook kills my post reach, sometimes it brely make 7% reach.

    another fact is, the more your page get bigger, your reach percentage will get lower, so for exemple if page under 50k you got 15% reach, 100k got 12% reach, and pages with millions fans got something like 5%, i used to have specific statistic but i cant find them right now, long stry short: the bigger the page get you reach more people in number but the reach percentage will get lower.

    i hope this helps you somehow, people don't usually spend time to help each others.
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    Facebook doesn't consider posting links as spam. You said this guy manages his page quite well, so deleting links is a good idea.

    Facebook pages are arduous to manage, you don't want it to lose followers by spamming a lot of links.