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    Jun 23, 2011
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    Would like an interactive video based Facebook landing page ( built in wordpress) which can do the following in different areas of the page

    1) Show an HD intro video
    2) have a automated photo gallery that cycle through pictures of people
    3) Users have to be able to like, vote and comment on particular pictures and videos of the people in the gallery's
    4) Users must be able to sign up for email list
    5) user must be able to submit application which consists of name, email, and upload a photo which only the admin can view

    Here is a link to our temporary site, we want the Facebook landing page to enable us to go to the next level before the full site in developed. The look an feel can be taken from this for the FB page, the video on the home page is what we want to appear front and center on the FB page.

    The whole purpose of the FB page is to give a little content to create excitement, enough so that people like us and give us their information, so that when we launch we have a large following!

    Some FB pages that I like :

    Please Reply your Price or PM me your details
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    Cooking up the medicine.
    I'm interested, however;

    Your current website, no offense, isn't great. It's based in flash which is poor technology for a modern site to be using to such an effect, as well as green/yellow color scheme being something that you'd expect to see on a kid's website like this.

    I would in truth, recommend an entire re-design of the website as well, as it would be impossible to create something with the quality of any of the Facebook pages that you listed, without moving away from the yellow/green color scheme.

    If you're not concerned about matching the quality of those Facebook pages, but just incorporating some of the functionality, then that's also fine.

    Also, why are you looking for the Facebook page to be based on WordPress. The hassle of integrating it, as far as I'm concerned is a waste of time and money, it'd be better to have it built from scratch, with comments on the code so that it can be easily edited by anyone, or even a form so that you needn't touch the good. (This is however my personal opinion).


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    I can do that. PM me for more discuss. Thanks