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    We sell products on ebay/amazon/shopify really well

    Have 2 new products coming within a week

    1. CHRISTMAS/GAMING - potential viral product - selling £50 per day at the moment on presale - products still being made in factory, all we have done so face is a £5 per day facebook ad.

    2. COSPLAY, SUICIDE GIRLS, DANCE, FASHION - product went viral - company was making £10k a day in sales before they run out of stock, nobody in the world has the stock anymore, my stock arrives in hopefully 10 days. Rival company only a couple from USA dont have connections to source the product fast enough telling customers stock will come in 2 months time, I can half their retail price easy, many customers complained it cost too much yet they sold out. video got 1.3m views on facebook.

    Both projects happy to setup affiliation on shopify, or you can use ebay and amazon affiliate, project 1 might not go on amazon due to design patents and we dont want to fall on the wrong side of amazon as we are a established business with staff and stock.

    please DM if interested