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    Aug 21, 2011
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    So guys My websites fanpage is PR 1 I just use it to post new articles on it.
    Is it worth it to blast links to this?
    Because its facebook and its just a fanpage that doesnt need to rank.
    Would this make my links more valuable? Or would crap links at the end not make much difference to the quality of my links on my fan page. Also any tips on recovering from this


    I started out with building about 100 manual links when I started out the website.
    Then I just left it alone for a month or 2. When I Had that month of sharp drop I started building more manual backlinks. backlinks build for this website. No spam not even that many backlinks for this website. Can I recover this with building backlinks. Or should I just move on. I think im at 200 links that I build manualy and only just recently did I start with buying BHW seo services.

    Is this a penalty or did I under estimate my niche and did google give me that first 6 months of paradise to later wipe me off the map.

    Pls some advice