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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by WoosterOh, Dec 3, 2011.

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    I have been out o FB for about a year. Can get around in PHP, Java, no pro at it that is for sure.

    I was wondering with all the changes, how hard is it to grasp what is going on?

    I was not sure I could do it after the made changes around 2 years ago, so I guess things cant be too hard as I handled the other.

    I am wanting to do a legit app. No affiliate stuff, though I did make $8k in one month doing that last November. Got my 70 accounts, though they are not needed with what I want to do.

    Just want a simple calculator, maybe forms to fill out, maybe like before, capture their email and get OK to post on their pages.

    As I said, this is legit, may be a first of its kind on FB, though I doubt it.

    I guess I could go over to the FB fourms and poke around there.
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    It's not hard at all, I think you'll adjust perfectly and get right back in the groove.

    The changes that have been made won't affect you since you're working on a legitimate application.

    Their API changes have only made things cleaner and more streamlined.

    I'd say don't hesitate, get back on the horse and start making money again.

    GL w/ your stuff :)