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    Hi there,

    i got a good facebook fanpage running where i post funny pictures of animals etc, anything that I think is funny. For some reason I got more than 50k fans now. Maybe it was just one viral picture, i don't know. A friend of mine told me to monetize it via amazon - and here I am.

    I did my affiliate account and i can post the affiliate links to my page via redirect. So far it works.

    BUT as you all know, every posting needs a picture, cuz otherwise noone will look at the post. Can i take the pictures provided by amazon on their page? Amazon allows you to use up to 100 pictures for your page, but this is not really my page since it's a facebook page.

    Will i get slapped/punished or can I use those pictures? Im doing amazon a favour cos im advertising and only get a small piece of the cake, but on the other hand I'm not sure with the copyright..

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