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Jan 3, 2010
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Hey everyone

Thought I would share my experience with using facebook ads (paid) and BANS websites to drive traffic. My sites perform well without much content but its really only 1.5 - 2K a month in revenue and it takes all month to generate that.

Initial ad was for a motorcycle website for ebay motors. Advertising (girls + bikes) was pretty much a no brainer. Results: Adsense covered the cost of the facebook ads for $50.00 a day budget and wound up at pretty much a CPM of .02.

Initially the results were very good for a few days (350.00 days) as EPN appears to like new traffic even though you may not be generating that much revenue. Then your or atleast my EPC dropped and I stopped the traffic. eBay motors did not generate enough reoccuring revenue to justify the cost as most probably suspect. But it did help to boost my sites popularity via bookmarks / direct links. For several days after removing the traffic the sites did generate additional revenue on the scale of 40.00 per day. I expect this to drop off.

Now that my EPC has recovered I plan to give it another burst of traffic and determine if those 350 days return on the basis of fresh traffic. No idea if it will work.

I was really looking for a stable source of converting traffic. Unfortunately for the eBay motors program it just does not work - for me that is.

Second Ad was for an electronic device.
The CPM was higher but I also received fewer clicks however my conversion rate was higher. The ad and product itself appears to attract buyers which were ready to buy (probably b/c the device does not cost 10K like a motorcycle).

I realize this was kind of brief but I figure maybe it will give some of you an idea or at least help you to determine what not to do.

It does however appear the EPN system likes new traffic ...you just cant get too many non converting clicks. Under the old system of just placing a cookie this probably would have worked well.
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