Facebook Adv Expert needed for my drop shipping website

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    Aug 2, 2017
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    We are currently running a drop shipping website. We set up Facebook pixels, run various advs such as
    - engagement (identify good products)
    - conversion (view contents instead of purchase to get enough data for facebook)
    - target only US, UK
    - minimize interests and target audience
    - retargeting those who visit our site with coupon codes

    Till date, we have spent like over $1000+ but only have 6 purchases. We are quite confident of our products as those are the most sellable items found on Aliexpress.

    We are not sure what we did wrong, we now look a Facebook adv expert experience in drop shipping website to help us out before we wasted more money on Facebook Adv. Fine tune, restructure, work on audience and set some examples etc.
    We are willing to pay for your service.
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