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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by seoactive, Jan 18, 2014.

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    I am new to facebook ads, and can someone recommend threads/e-books I can read up about them?

    - Q: for fresh accounts, do they put a limit on your budget/spending per day?
    - Q: what's the requirement to join? do i need a facebook fanpage to advertise or can they redirect to external links?
    - Q: do most legit affiliate networks accept fb ads traffic, or do they consider it (blackhat / poor quality traffic etc.)
    - Q: do i need to cloak my links so that fb wouldnt ban my account for promoting affiliate products/services?
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    currently BBA student and owner of a youtube chhan
    No they don't put any limits.

    And.2 they will advertise your fb page, however you can add external links to your page

    Ans.3 I don't think they will consider it black hat traffic as most of the traffic comes from fb twitter etc.

    Ans4. i Actually dont kniw abt this.

    Hope this info will help you
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    For new accounts your spend limit will be $50 per day, or $250 per day if accounts are verified.

    You will have much more success creating ads for a page than an external link. FB likes to keep as much traffic in house as possible.

    As long as your ads or landing pages don't use deceptive practices you should be fine with the exception of certain offers that only allow traffic from specific sources. Your affiliate manager should be able to answer this for specific offers.

    You need to cloak for diet, skincare, adult dating, bizop.. pretty much anything that isn't extremely whitehat.

    I am selling $250 daily spend limit ad accounts if you run into problems making your own.