Facebook Ads not delivering DICK, but SPAM works

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by Blackhat Scott, Jul 21, 2016.

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    I have a campaign and system that works for generating signups through a registration form. Facebook ads seemed like a sure thing. For my niche I target business owner groups where they put their title as "business owner" and made a similiar ad I bulk email with (I think ad is not issue) ... Afterall if my crappy spam works then FB has got work too, right? I'm targeting my niche market of "business owners" and have gotten about 700 clicks, normally i would have at least 5 signups form that with spam. I got nothing with FB yet... i wonder if the clicks are fake or those kind of clicks on mobile devices where the ad just gets in the way and u end up clicking it by accident? Disappointed with facebook. Anyone successful at generating leads or ROI with FB? Not asking for trade secrets just if it works. Now I set up "conversion" ads just recently with the pixel... 64 clicks... nothing yet and that is deceiving. So u kow u dont pay per conversion. You pay for clicks that are "optimized" fopr conversions... everybody thinks u pay per conversion, that's false... read their terms. Any tips on marketing to business owners on FB would be greatly appreciated.
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