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FACEBOOK ADS 101 - Let's hear your process/advice/suggestions

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by techMan197, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. techMan197

    techMan197 Newbie

    Feb 12, 2015
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    Hey guys, I've been doing SEO and PPC for quite sometime, but realized that Fb affiliate marketing is quite different. Please leave your advice/recommendations, but in a nutshell, so far I've gathered the following:

    Step 1- Log-In

    1. Must use a VPN server to mask your true IP Address
      1. Purchase multiple Private Proxies
      2. Use the same browser with Proxy server to log in to avoid ?suspicious? activity from FB and getting locked out.
      3. Remove cookies before logging in each account
      4. Disable flash media and other stuff to prevent IP from leaking
    2. What accounts to log into facebook?
      1. Purchase PVA (phone verified accounts) accounts to login into facebook

    Step 2- Promoting the Product

    1. How to promote products without FB taking down the product or denying the Ad posting?
      1. Cloak the link?? If so, what program is recommended?
      2. Send consumers to a separate landing squeeze page with the affiliate products?
    2. How to pay for FB ads?
      1. Buy prepaid cards?? What method do you recommend?
      2. Create a Paypal account?

    Step 3- Getting Paid
    1. Does the Affiliate Program (JVzoo, etc) protect the marketers? Or will they disclose information if they?re asked?
  2. JDesteny

    JDesteny Registered Member

    Jun 7, 2013
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    For creating account, I would still use more protected and bulletproof solutions like VPS's, dedicated servers and ask IP's from hosting companies. Most proxy companies just sell crappy IP's, which been blacklisted. Even tho, they say 'virgin'' IP's, but they are not.

    For account, I suggest creating your own accounts, so you would have creation cookies, which nowadays plays big role, when opening ad account section or biz manager.

    Any random public cloaker will work because thy don't care about your landers that much anymore, it's all about reports and feedback of consumers.

    Depends on your location, But I heard walmart prepaid works(there are alot woking ones, do not PM about them, because nobody gives out their sources). Easiest is to create paypal at first to make some payments(25/50/250). And if account has already some activity and successful payments, add card to fb diectly.