Facebook Admin preservation for 3rd party pages

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    Sep 28, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    I know that the rule of not being able to remove the admin-page-creator has changed and you can now delete any admin regardless of if you created the page or not.

    What i would like to know is, are there ways to maintain control of a facebook page as the admin, for say multiple pages(companies) and make it so they cant remove you as admin?

    And how would you setup a 1 admin to rule them all type account? Best way even? Or make a false user per page? In which case, how would you maintain control that way without the risk of them removing that user.

    Admin User 1
    (agency who manages pages for...)

    - company 1
    - company 2
    - company 3
    - company 4

    and so on...

    But Admin User 2
    (company employee)

    decides to remove Admin User 1, and now has total control.

    How can we prevent this? If we are hosting thier landing page for example, we can turn it off, which likely means they will phone/email and ask how to get it back up sure, and we say "add us back as admins and we will", but dont really want to cross the professional boundry by making threats or play action/consiquence.
    Hope this makes sense and you are able to help.

    Will elaborate more if needed.